Chocolate Workshop

What could be better than a workshop about chocolate? During this arrangement you will learn how to make chocolates with three different techniques, while you will learn all about chocolate. And not only do you learn to make chocolates, but you can also consider the art of packaging, because good chocolate deserves a wreath.

At an attractive location in Leideerdorp you will receive a short explanation, after which you start making a chocolate bonbonnière. Then you learn to make chocolates with three different techniques and finally you pack your homemade chocolates so that you can take them with you. And of course learn all about the most delicious of all sweets during this chocolate workshop.

What could be more fun than to make Easter eggs, chocolate letters for Santa Claus or chocolate Christmas bells at Christmas? Ask for the theme possibilities!


persons: min 8, max 40 persons in one group
Duration:  ca. 2-2,5 hrs
Price: € 39,50 (6-15 p.) inc. VAT
Price: € 37,00 (16-25 p.) inc. VAT
Price: € 34,50 (26-40 p.) inc. VAT
Inclusive: coffee, tea and lemonade, expert guidance and material (your creations will of course take you home)
Exclusive: € 15,- bookingcharge

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