Boattour with beertasting and snacks

The BitterBallenBierTocht is a boattour with beertasting and typical Dutch snacks. A “bitterbal” is a meat-based snack, typically containing a mixture of beef or veal (minced or chopped), beef broth, butter, flour for thickening, parsley, salt and pepper, resulting in a thick roux.

This is probably the most relaxed beer tasting and tour Leiden that has to offer: get to know nice beers, while you sail through the beautiful canals of Leiden! Let it be clear: despite the time-honored student-like tradition of bitterball throwing, this arrangement is of a different order. It is a pleasant way to get to know Leiden and to taste a different beer during beer tasting than what is always served at home.



persons: min. 10 persons
Duration:  ca. 2 uur
Price: € 44,25 p.p. excl. VAT
Inclusive: 3 special beers, appetizers, round trip Leiden
Exclusive: € 15,- bookingcharge

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Boattour with beertasting and snacks